Cocoa farm tours.
We provide a 3-hour tour to one of Ghana's prestigious Cocoa plantations that have existed for over 400 years. Also, be treated to mouth-watering local dishes and drinks aa well aa innovative cocoa products never before seen on this three-hour tour. Call or email us to book a reservation any day.
7 Day tour of Ghana
Tour Ghana with us on this 7-day adventure. This tour takes you to some picturesque sites in the north the middle and the south of Ghana. See Elephants at Mole Park and go for a safe canoe cruise on the monogri river. Visit the Manhyia Palace as well as Bonwire Kente village. Visit Boti falls and goes on a ship cruise to Dodi Island then finally enjoy some canopy walk and see the castles and some forts in Cape Coast and Anomabo.
Cape Coast Tour
This is a 1-day return journey tour from Accra. However, it can be custom made to suit the client. See the historical slave Castles, forts and dungeons. See the Kakum park and survive the walkway. Visit the famous crocodile pond and if there is more time, you can see the slave river and finally relax on the beach for some food
Kente Festival Tour
This tour gives the traveler an opportunity to experience rural Ghana in all its pageantry. You will get to know the unacted culture, traditions, and customs of the people of Kpetoe who are a part of the Ewe people of West Africa. In a colorful event that showcases how the rich kente came about and how it's made, you get to see and taste their local food and how it's made too